Allesbeste Boerdery

The Ernst’s have a keen interest in technology and encourages their staff to use it for innovation in their business. Read more…

Irrigation Farmer

Rural Meerkat visited Irrigation Farmer to see how technology has improved his irrigation methods directly impacting his fruit quality. Read more….

Citrus Farmer

Read here how Citrus Farmer managed to improve his tonnes per hectare by X % by just using technology from ABC Tech company.

Strawberry Farmer

Strawberry farmer has managed to increase production from x to y tonnes per hectare by using technology. Read more…

Grain Farmer

Read here how Grain Farmer has incorporated technology into his farming and how this has improved his yields.

Apple Farmer

At Apple Farming Pty Ltd the quality of apples harvetsed have improved by 100%. Read more…

Vegetable Farmer

Rural Meerkat visited Vegetable Farmer to see how he has used technology to increase the yield on his potato crop. Read more…

Potato Farmer

See this farmer use technology to improve his production yield. Read more…

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