How to choose the right ERP partners and software

One article cannot cover all there is to know about ERP implementations, but I would like to highlight some of the important lessons about choosing the right partners and the right software that myself and others have learned through experience. Choose the right partners Eric Kimberling, a respected ERP implementer who sometimes serves as anContinue reading “How to choose the right ERP partners and software”

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management

Definition – CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Specific software solutions for CRM provides tools that organises contact information , correspondence and open cases with customers that needs to be addressed. CRM is not often used by farming businesses in the fruit sector since it would rather be the marketing and sales companies that worksContinue reading “What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management”

What is a Tensiometer?

Source: Salina Valley Agriculture Definition – A tensiometer measure soil moisture in units of negative pressure also known as tension. Tension is a measure of the force that plant roots need to exert to pull water from the soil pores.  Large pores hold water with less force than small pores.  As plants extract moisture fromContinue reading “What is a Tensiometer?”

What is Machine Learning?

Definition – Machine learning is when a computer uses algorithms and statistical models to learn how to perform a specific task without using direct instructions relying on patterns and deduction in stead. A set of training data is provided and the software develops its own algorithm, rather than a programmer that provides every step ofContinue reading “What is Machine Learning?”

Trends for the next decade

The future is suddenly much more unpredictable. COVID19 has thrown the world into a spin in a direction that no one could have predicted in 2019.  On Wednesday, 15 April, I was fortunate enough to attended a webinar hosted by the Stellenbosch Network and the Launchlab, entrepreneurship incubator at the University of Stellenbosch. The theme:  InnovationContinue reading “Trends for the next decade”

The latest in Two-Way Radio Technology

As a product review, two-way radios seem a bit off-topic, but the right product came across my path, and I thought: “I could just as well write about it. My audience would be interested in it. Hand radios are being used on many farms, and I am not sure everybody knows about the newer technologyContinue reading “The latest in Two-Way Radio Technology”

These avocado farmers are open to innovation and technology

I have just done my first tech customer interview with Edrean Ernst from Allesbeste Boerdery and what an incredible conversation it was. Driving on the R71, at the foot of the beautiful Magoebaskloof pass near Tzaneen, you will find Allesbeste Boerdery on your left. The Allesbeste Boerdery History Adalbert H. Ernst, a British national whoContinue reading “These avocado farmers are open to innovation and technology”

What is ERP? – Enterprise Resource Planning

Definition: Enterprise Resource Planning is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real-time and brought about by software and technology. On a farm, this would mean that business processes such as planting, harvesting, spraying, taking on labour, clocking, finances and human resources can all be integrated into a single software solution. The benefitsContinue reading “What is ERP? – Enterprise Resource Planning”