Incredible Video about the Future of Food Production

Watch this video to see how food gets produced in the Netherland. They manage an incredible use of space by increasing the yield per square through farming with greenhouses. Less water and fertilizers are used. It is clear that this can only happen through collaboration of government and all industry players.

What is ERP? – Enterprise Resource Planning

Definition: Enterprise Resource Planning is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real-time and brought about by software and technology. On a farm, this would mean that business processes such as planting, harvesting, spraying, taking on labour, clocking, finances and human resources can all be integrated into a single software solution. The benefitsContinue reading “What is ERP? – Enterprise Resource Planning”

What is IoT ? The Internet of Things

Definition: The Internet of Things is all the devices (hardware) including probes, sensors, cell phones and printers (not limited to), that are connected on a network. On a farm this would mean that even the tractor could be part of the IoT if the tractor is connected to the network, uploading data to the networkContinue reading “What is IoT ? The Internet of Things”

10 Things you did not know about Meerkats

The meerkat is a curious, clever and social little creature. Just like me. The meerkat, also known as a suricate, is a mammal and part of the mongoose family. You will find the meerkat in dry places such as the Kalahari, in Southern Africa. A family of meerkats can be called a mob, clan orContinue reading “10 Things you did not know about Meerkats”

Review of Agritech Africa 2020

AGDA (Agricultural Development Agency) Launch The big program item for the Africa Agritech conference was the launch of AGDA. AGDA is part of the Public-Private Growth Initiative (PPGI). It was established in April 2018 under the leadership of Dr Johan van Zyl, CEO and President of Toyota in Europe. Watch the embedded YouTube video belowContinue reading “Review of Agritech Africa 2020”

What the heck is agritech?

What is agritech? Agritech has been one of the buzz-words around internet forums and the business world. But what is the big fuss? What does agritech actually mean? It seems the word embodies quite a lot of things, but its definition is quite simple: any technology that improves efficiency (yield and quality) and profitability forContinue reading “What the heck is agritech?”