10 Things you did not know about Meerkats

  • The meerkat is a curious, clever and social little creature. Just like me.
  • The meerkat, also known as a suricate, is a mammal and part of the mongoose family.
  • You will find the meerkat in dry places such as the Kalahari, in Southern Africa.
  • A family of meerkats can be called a mob, clan or gang.
  • A family usually consist of about 20 meerkats but can get as large as 50.
  • The clan sleeps in burrows that can be 5 m deep.
  • Meerkats have excellent eyesight and can spot predators in the air from as far as 300 meters.

Published by Udette Kruger

Passionate about agriculture, technology and using both to make the world a healthier and happier place.

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